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Effective of October 2014, GITP S.A. will no longer make any further investments in Colombia. The decision is due to President Juan Manuel Santos' recent dispute with Panama regarding tax treaties and the direct negative impact that this decision has on future investments and risk.

Thank you to all who have applied to participate in our Emerging Market High Technology Fund. Companies headquartered and operating outside of Colombia in Latin America will still be considered. Please contact us for more information.

GITP SA is an international private equity group based in Panama with regional offices in Miami, Florida. Our Emerging Market High Tech Fund focuses upon Latin American enterprises that are dynamic and scalable with an international focus.

GITP's portfolio spans a wide array of verticals including technology, media, retail and fashion. Our portfolio companies are challenging the paradigms of their respective industries by embracing and deploying adaptive, innovative technologies.

At GITP, we believe in taking in active role in guiding the companies in our portfolio. We have the resources, experience and know-how to guide early stage companies to rapid success through an innovative process that focuses upon getting these companies to market quickly and at a low rate of capital burn.

Unlike most venture capital funds that are risk averse and inject capital late in the process, we are early stage investors. We invest in technology companies during the concept phase and help our companies map a path to revenue and profitability without unnecessary dilution. We understand how to make startups successful.